Aspervlog #6: Hidden Disorder

Just talking about some of the downsides of being high-functioning and issues I faced this semester. I wrote a blog post a while back discussing this as well, if you prefer to read something cohesive: Link

I forgot to mention in the video that I just hit 10,000 blog views and 100 YouTube subscribers! Hooray for celebrating arbitrary numbers! I’ll take the opportunity anyway to sincerely thank everybody who’s subscribed to or even viewed my blog or my videos. I appreciate your continued support!

Also, just to add a little to the video: another very important piece of advice for medical professionals working with patients on the spectrum: Always be direct with your patient. Provide statistics and be blunt when providing a prognosis. You may think that by skirting around the issue at hand you are cushioning the blow of whatever the impact of the sickness will be or that you are helping the patient to understand better, but without directness we especially are left with ambiguity and a lot of confusion.


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