Aspervlog #4.1: Diagnosis and Frustration

The reason I was so irritated in this video was because right before filming I received a distressing e-mail. I’m not going to share the details of that message, but I will say that I was incredibly misunderstood by an adult who has barely met me. Now, to answer the “autistic world” question more clearly, what I was trying to say is exactly what is demonstrated by my frustration; that when I know I will be faced with a situation such as meeting a person for the first time, the encounter will probably not go as I planned even if I rehearse it a million times in my head. Many times I wind up failing to make the point that I rehearsed for so long, and this can cause major misunderstanding and later frustration. This disconnect between my mind and reality is the closest thing I can think of which relates to an “autistic world.” I hope that answers the question!

Also, here’s a really good explanation of Asperger’s as it presents itself in females. I came across it this week, and I wanted to share it:


2 responses to “Aspervlog #4.1: Diagnosis and Frustration

  1. Hi Nichole! I’m here to tell you you’ve actually been a big inspiration to me and that you are very talented! I know you seem insecure with yourself sometimes and I want to to also say that you’re absolutely amazing to be able to cope with life and truck on–as well as going to college and being ambitious. And honestly, I think your really pretty(especially for not being a girly girl wearing make-up). I’m only 13, but whenever I’m frustrated or mad at something or just going through something I’ll think of you and everything will be fine. Thank you so much for what you do!


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