Aspervlog #1: Introduction

I’m starting a new Internet series called Aspervlogs where I will discuss how I am affected by Asperger’s Syndrome. I decided to make these videos A) because I am trying to get over my fear of cameras, and B) because I think it will help others to understand what AS is like if they can hear me and see me talk about it rather than just reading about it. Please leave comments here or on the video letting me know what you would like me to talk about, because I am going to be making a video every week. Thanks for watching!


8 responses to “Aspervlog #1: Introduction

  1. I’m glad you share your experience, sure it will help many people. I wonder how do you learn to play many instruments. I’ve seen your videos and I want to congratulate you on so much talent. Hugs dear Nicole keep on music

    • Hello, Sergio, thank you for watching and reading and for the kind words! I taught myself to play all my instruments. Music comes very naturally to me partly because of my Asperger’s, and I was able to pick up each instrument very easily.

  2. Hi there! It’s been awhile since we chatted, I’m glad to see a new post from you and I look forward to hearing from you more. I like your courage in doing this! Keep it up!

    We are getting funding for Sensory-Friendly Concerts for next year. I’d love to have you come headline for one of them!
    Also, would you be interested in having your own “showcase” page on The webpage is going to get revamped in the next few months. And we can add links to your page here.

    • Hello again!

      Congratulations on the funding! I am so honored to receive these propositions. If you would be willing to allow me showcase space, I would be so honored to have a page on your site! I would be very interested also in performing at one of your concerts, but transportation may pose a problem since I have driving limitations and one of my parents would have to take me. If you would like to discuss details, my e-mail address is

      Thanks so much!

  3. As someone who was diagnosed with Asperger’s last month at the age of 23 , I can relate to this so much. I’ve been reading about it as much as I can (starting with Tony Attwood’s book) and obviously looking at youtube as well. I’ve always had the natural ability to play music by ear, so any instrument I pick up comes easily as well (except the non-musical aspects such as playing the violin without the bow squeaking! That takes work). I never learned how to read music, so I usually just make up my own things on the piano or songs with lyrics on the guitar. Now I’m babbling, but I mainly wanted to say that I can relate and that I’m glad that there are other people like us.

    • Jeffrey–thanks for reading and for the comment! I’m always excited to hear of others who have similar situations to mine. I too have difficulties playing violin without squeaking, which unfortunately leads me to avoid playing the violin, since the squeaking is enough to give me an instant headache. If you haven’t read John Elder Robison’s books yet, they are my favorite accounts of Asperger’s and I highly recommend them to anybody!

  4. Hello Nicole,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll try to pick up “Look Me in the Eye” this weekend. If you’re in need of some new reading, I cannot praise Franz Kafka’s diaries enough. There’s no sure way of knowing whether or not he had Asperger’s, but during my years growing up unaware of the syndrome, yet knowing there was definitely something different about me, I could always relate to him thoroughly. I think you could too. I first discovered him when I was seventeen and have gone back to his diaries every year since. You can open the book to any random page and always find something interesting or touching because he’s so incredibly honest. He asked his friend to burn all of his writing unread before he died…

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