Does Sugar Motta Have Asperger’s?

No. Absolutely not.

Sugar Motta, the latest character on “Glee,” has made herself known as having “self-diagnosed Asperger’s,” which, according to her, allows her to say “pretty much anything she wants.” Here are three reasons that I can assure you that the character absolutely positively does not have AS.

1. People with Asperger’s usually don’t realize that they are being offensive. When Sugar spoke negatively about the Glee club she apologized immediately, attributing the comments to her condition. When I realize that I am being disrespectful or rude I feel nothing more than sheer embarrassment and depression because I feel misunderstood.

2. Though Aspies are notorious for being brutally honest, we are not purposefully mean. Many Aspies have problems with “blurting,” which occurs when they are unable to regulate what comes out of their mouth. Sometimes, yes, we blurt out insults, but never intentionally. When Sugar insults people around her she is being rude, not autistic.

3. Aspies spend hours studying and picking apart their obsessions and interests. We are very good at recognizing our strengths and weaknesses in such an area as a result. We tend to shy away from insecurities, and it is more clear to us than to anybody when we are insecure. In fact we dwell upon our insecurities to the point that sometimes the insecurities themselves become obsessions. That being said, if an Aspie is tone deaf, they probably know it. Even if they don’t, somebody who spent hours on obsessive singing would at least be able to work up to sounding halfway decent and not like this:

Now, I am still trying to decipher why Glee would create such a confusing situation which causes so much misunderstanding about Asperger’s Syndrome, and I can do nothing but hope that the writers have a vision in mind and everything will be resolved by the end of the season. However, for anybody who is confused by Sugar’s character and behaviors (and that would most likely encompass anybody who watched the show) please note that “self-diagnosed Asperger’s” is very very different from the real thing. And, let it be known for the record again that Sugar Motta absolutely, positively, does not have Asperger’s Syndrome.


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