William Tell Overture–Clarinet Ensemble

I made this arrangement after galloping around my house for days having it stuck in my head. After I realized that the key of E major transposed to keys of F# and C# Major on my instruments, I took the creative liberty to raise my arrangement a half-step in order to avoid painful fingering combinations.
My arrangement is written for:
-Eb Soprano Clarinet
-4 Bb Soprano Clarinets
-Eb Alto Clarinet
-Bb Bass Clarinet
-Eb Contralto Clarinet

I own all of my clarinets, which include a Venus Eb Clarinet, Selmer Recital Bb (I also have a Selmer student model and a 1960’s Bundy), a Selmer (I think) Alto, a Kessler Custom Model Bass, and a Selmer intermediate level Contra.

Quick note about the score—Though all parts (except for Contra) are notated with the melodic rhythm in the score, I cut down all parts to the rhythm played by the contra. This was only because I had to multitrack eight parts and it would have been exceedingly difficult to synchronize all that double-tonguing. If you want to perform this live, I recommend playing the score as written.


Here is the score: William Tell Overture Clarinet Ensemble Score

(If you would like individual parts or a different instrumentation or file type, please send me an e-mail at nicole.m.dangelo@gmail.com)


12 responses to “William Tell Overture–Clarinet Ensemble

  1. Barbara D'Angelo

    Way to go, Nicole! I’n passing this along to my FB friends; is that OK?

  2. Kelsey Valentino

    It sounds great, but I was laughing the whole time because I was imagining how interesting our Theory class would have been if you were quintuplets!!!

  3. William Tell Overture is part of our pregame show!

  4. Nicole, what a fantastic piece you put together. And I’m so glad you included the score, I love it. The only parts I can’t play are the Eb soprano and Alto, I’ve got all the rest (and a BBb Contrabass too). After 48 years of playing, I don’t have your speed anymore, but what a breath of fresh air!

    Thank you so much!

  5. Wonderful !! very impressive !
    I have 2 Bb soprano clarinets and alto clarinet.
    If I get bass clarinet, I want to play with your score.
    S.J. Youn

  6. Amazing! How did you keep time, not hearing the other parts? Did you use a clicktrack? I don’t see headphones. Just curious…

    • Thanks for watching! I used a free program called Audacity and had a clicktrack in the background. I did use headphones when recording the audio, but I shot the video after the audio had been completed.

  7. kevphill@sbcglobal.net

    Kid, you absolutely ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m showing this to my students.

  8. Your perfomance is really great !!! Congratulations !
    Could you send me the separate parts of each instrument (Cl.-Eb / Cl.-Bb 1., 2., 3., 4. … a.s.o.) ?
    Did you made other arrangement ?
    I´m the leader of an Saxophon-Choir an it would be nice to have some other pieces.
    See our homepage: http://www.saxsonic.de or our life performance on

  9. I came across this video while looking for videos of contrabass instruments and was floored when I watched it. The arrangement is inspired and the video is wonderful. You have an amazing talent.

  10. Wow. You’re a good clarinetist. I am a beginning flutist. WOODWIND POWER!

  11. Thanks for an entertaining version of the Overture. God Bless. Emmanuel

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