Questions Answered

Many of my blog views come from Google searches, and looking at these searches lately has made me realize what kinds of specific things people plug into search engines and has made me want to answer these people’s questions directly. For that reason I will dedicate this blog post to answering questions that have led people to my blog within the past 30 days. I will also link the questions to the blog posts they most likely directed to for those who desire further answers.

1. Does James Durbin drink or do drugs?
Oddly enough, this question has gotten me 6 views within the past month. Though I am not sure whether James Durbin does either, I can emphasize that he has Tourette’s Syndrome, which can be adversely affected by alcohol and drugs and whose medicines can react very badly to alcohol and drugs. Plus, his father was a drug/alcohol addict and died when James was a young child, so I think he knows enough about the bad effects to abstain.

2. Does Cee Lo Green have a disorder/syndrome/physical handicap/genetic disorder?
If an actual sense of music is a handicap, syndrome, or disorder, then the answer is yes.

3. Is prom really a big deal?
Absolutely not! If you don’t think you will have a good time, chances are you are correct. Don’t waste your money or time.

4. Can symptoms of Asperger’s become more obvious in girls at age 14?
Well, mine sure did. Age 14 can be a very stressful year, as it usually involves the first year of high school, a drastic change in routine and in social life. If a person with Asperger’s is not anticipating and preparing for these changes the first year of high school can prove to be torture, as it was in my case. Girls usually are not diagnosed until the teenage years because Asperger’s is not obvious for them until a serious problem (such as stress induced by the first year of high school) arises.

5. What were Monk’s obsessions and compulsions?
To answer this question specifically I would recommend you follow the link, but the difference between obsessions and compulsions are that obsessions are thoughts and compulsions are behaviors that reflect upon the thoughts. For example, Monk is obsessed with hygiene and so he compulsively washes his hands.

6. How did Monk get OCD?
A person cannot “get” OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a mental condition which is present from birth. Certain stressful events can cause symptoms to be more severe, such as, in Monk’s case, the sudden death of his wife.

7. Do autistics tend to not believe in God?
Though I am friends with a few Aspies who identify with religions, I am not sure if it is truly possible for a person with an autism spectrum disorder to comprehend the abstractness of a supreme being. I personally recognize that I cannot believe in a god because it does not seem logical to me.

8. How can I tell if somebody with Asperger’s is high?
I’m not really sure why this directed to my blog, nor can I think of an answer for you, buddy. If they smell like drugs, that could be an indication.

9. How do I know if I have Asperger’s Syndrome?
This involves a lot of research that you need to do, but a good test would be to try to quiz yourself on different emotions and what they look like. If you cannot think of any emotions past happy/sad/angry, or if you cannot identify what they look like, you might have Asperger’s. There is a very good self-test at this link.

10. Do kids with Asperger’s get irritated easily?
It depends on the situation we are faced with. If I am in a loud and crowded room with high temperatures and a lot of people wearing perfume, you can bet that I will be irritated easily. If I am having trouble in a social situation because I am unfamiliar with the setting or unprepared for the encounters I will find, I can be irritated easily. When I am frustrated or anxious, I can be irritated easily.

11. Can autistic people be artistic?
Absolutely! Though I know plenty of tone-deaf Aspies, many autistic people use art (whether fine arts or performing arts) as a form of treatment and a form of relaxation.

12. Do people with Asperger’s Syndrome have depth perception issues?
Yes. These can vary from case to case, but I have a very limited depth perception. The way I perceive things is almost as if life is a series of paintings. I have developed ways to manage this though: I can tell how far an object is from me relative to other objects based on geometric angles, I know where to stop at stop signs based on when the white line on the road disappears, and I can catch a ball based on its relative point in the air.

13. Can a person with PDD have empathy towards animals but not people?
PDD, of course, refers to Pervasive Developmental Disorder, the broader diagnostic category that contains Autism Spectrum Disorders. It can be much easier for autistic people to identify and thus empathize with animals than people as animals are very easy to read. We do not have to worry about animals judging us on our behaviors or about controlling our body language and social behavior. Having the social aspect of life removed from them makes a relationship with an animal a very easy one to make.

14. Does Lady Gaga have Asperger’s?
Although I’m flattered that you would like to associate such a musical genius with Asperger’s Syndrome, I’m afraid not even autism explains her form of weirdness. Lady Gaga is a little beyond labels.

15. Is synesthesia a disability that can be covered by a 504 plan?
Synesthesia is not actually a disability, however, if you do have an underlying condition that causes synesthesia such as Asperger’s you are entitled to a 504 plan. The answer to this question really depends on the type of synesthesia you have. If you do have auditory–>visual synesthesia like me, you might have trouble concentrating on tests or quizzes in environments that are not entirely quiet. In a case such as this, talk to a medical professional or a school psychologist.

16. I am like Monk. Do I have OCD?
Not necessarily. It could be some form of autism or an anxiety condition as well. Check out the blog post I linked this question to for more information.

17. Do autistic people look like cats?
What an odd inquiry. I will let you figure this one out.


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