Day 25: Chopsticks!

A few weeks ago at my piano competition I performed in several different categories, including the Open Pop Solo category. I play in this category every year and every year I struggle to find a piece to play that is both challenging and entertaining. This year, though, after seeing this video posted by KurtHugoSchneider in December, I decided that my pop solo would be chopsticks.

Last year at my school talent show I was told that in order to make room for “new talent” the only way I could perform was if I did a duet with my father. This is what we came up with:

The fact that a similar solo arrangement existed was too perfect. Now, as a disclaimer, I did not yet post this video because I was not 100% happy with how I played. I was a little tired because right before performing this I played my 12-minute Saint-Saens Concerto, so my fingers were a little worn out. Consider this the live premiere dedicated only to my blog readers.


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