Day 17: Forget You–Bass Clarinet Multitrack

I used Audacity, a free recording software, to perform my own arrangement of Cee-lo Green’s “Forget You,” a 60’s-esque song that was originally recorded under a different name. I usually am not a fan of modern popular music (because I would not consider most of it to be “music”) but I do admire Cee-lo Green and his ability to make funky beats of older times popular again. You may remember Cee-lo Green as the singer for Gnarls Barkley, a group famous for their hit “Crazy.” I also have a multitrack of that on my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Sheet music can be found here: Forget You Bass Clarinet Ensemble


2 responses to “Day 17: Forget You–Bass Clarinet Multitrack

  1. You amaze me! I would like to know what brand of bass clarinet you have and if it has to go in the shop a lot for repairs and adjustments.

    • Thanks so much! In this video I am playing a Kessler Custom model hard rubber Low C bass clarinet, and that instrument had to be adjusted once or twice a year, but since posting that video I have switched to a Selmer Privilege Low C bass and have had no problems with it!

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