…Tastes like Asperger’s…

As I have mentioned previously my diet is less than ideal for a soon-to-be adult woman. I attribute this largely to my hypersensitive taste buds. My intolerance of foods that are too spicy, too sweet, or generally too flavorful is a direct effect of my Asperger’s Syndrome. Studies show that people with conditions such as ASD actually can be found to have more taste buds than others and therefore have a more acute sense of taste.

My sense of smell does have a large impact on my sense of taste, and I have found that I avoid “smelly” foods such as salsa and pickles as much as I possibly can for fear that the taste carries over. It’s not like I would ever try salsa anyway, for chunky foods and fresh tomatoes are both triggers of sick feelings. Other triggers of such feelings for me, which usually involve nausea, vomiting, and/or headaches, include white chocolate, gooey foods, spicy smells, and the very thought of there being green stuff on my pasta.

This hypersensitivity does incorporate both textures and flavors in my case, but in some cases it can also involve temperature. I do not find that I have problems with temperature, and in fact I have found that I am more tolerant of hot and cold foods than most people. This odd combination of hypo- and hyper-sensitivites is quite common in autism spectrum disorders.


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