Day 8: A Day in the Life

This song (if it can even be considered a mere “song”) is tied for my favorite song by the Beatles (with “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite,” naturally). Sgt. Pepper’s is my favorite album as well, so this was a good choice for a cover for me. It also boasts the distinction of possessing the most epic chord ever written ever. Clocking in at a full 40 seconds, this chord is undisputably the greatest thing ever. To recreate this minor masterpiece I did what the Beatles did: I recorded three chords on top of one another, beginning at the lowest recording volume and gradually raising it in order to prolong the chord. It is for this reason that towards the end you can hear the washing machine going and even my father getting a drink, just like on the record you can hear chairs in the studio squeaking. Regrettably I could not recreate the drums on this cover due to my slowly-dying microphone and my broken snare drum, but I do think the cover can stand well without them. I hope you all enjoy, and please don’t forget that I am still selling elephants at Thanks!


One response to “Day 8: A Day in the Life

  1. i love the video! you coulda used my Beatles alarm clock. lol nice dying microphone =]

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