The Blind Beholders of Beauty

The vanity of modern American society has been on my mind a lot lately. Just like in the famous “Twilight Zone” episode, “Eye of the Beholder,” the general opinion of the masses as to what is “beautiful” has become so distorted that very very ugly things are becoming the norm while what is natural and good is suddenly repulsive.

Having Asperger’s means I do not have the same opinions regarding fashion and beauty and I do not value its effects as much as other people. I do not wear make-up, nor do I provide anything more than necessary treatment to my hair (shampoo and conditioner once a week). I cannot understand the major emphasis on appearance that has taken over the minds of the American people. My young cousin this weekend told me that my hair would look good only if I had it thinned, straightened it, had it layered, and maybe even color-treated. All of these processes involve heavy chemical procedures or harmful heat treatments. This is beautiful?

When I questioned my very fashionable little sister, she explained to me that people do these things to show others that they respect themselves. I told her that I respect myself enough to restrain from unnecessary treatments that could potentially damage the health of my hair, skin, and even my whole body, in the long run. Besides, I respect myself enough to expose every blemish, pimple, and natural occurence. I always pity young girls who have been brainwashed into believing that they cannot be beautiful without chemical assistance. I think the human body is beautiful, and every abuse made towards it detracts from its beauty.

Humans are a product of nature. Is nature not beautiful? Why can we appreciate the natural beauty of cats and butterflies and giraffes but not our own natural beauty? We are not special in the eyes of nature. I think people should abandon their “beauty” products, because they only create temporary appeal. In the long run they can be harmful towards one’s health and make people ugly from any standpoint. If people would just learn to love themselves enough to break the reliance on products then beauty would last forever.


One response to “The Blind Beholders of Beauty

  1. Barbara D'Angelo

    Actually, the one major difference between the human race and all other animals is that our “civilizations” have rendered us obese and sickly. Not only are cosmetics toxic, but so are the mass production of “foodstuffs” along with their chemical cofactors. Out of the millions of wildebeests roaming the Serengeti, NOT ONE is overweight! Can you match that, Houston?

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